08. L'arbre incandescent

The Incandescent Tree

We have walked sunburned on rustling gravels,
we have smelled dawns of salty wind and lavender,
we have touched the fervent crimson of the evening,
we have resounded like empty cisterns
that are being filled with water from ancestral rains.

We have explored, have discovered stairs
very erect, spiral, we have climbed them; at each
step getting lost in another time,
towards being reborn.

We have come to the top
of the bell tower: hanging from the ropes,
we have caused to toll untimely. We have scared the owls
and other birds out of their nests.
We have crossed nights
full of space, open, we have stared at abysses,
transparent depths.
We have penetrated into caves of crystal rock.

A brisk fire coils round
our whole body, like a snake, and forms,
out of you and me, a single incandescent tree,
inappropriate for the land.

(versió de Salvador Pila)